Call for papers / Topics


Any original contributions are welcome, including but not limiting to:

  1. theory of computing (including membrane computing and other biologically inspired models),
  2. theoretical issues in artificial intelligence,
  3. theoretical issues in automated reasoning,
  4. theoretical aspects of software system development,
  5. logics in informatics, databases, and artificial intelligence,
  6. data mining and knowledge discovery,
  7. knowledge representation,
  8. semantic technologies,
  9. natural language processing,
  10. formal languages and automata,
  11. cryptography and security,
  12. neural networks,
  13. natural computing,
  14. soft computing.

Requirements to papers:

Your paper should be in English and is expected to be 1-4 pages (one page approximating A5 size, i.e. about 800 words). A longer paper not exceeding 16 pages will be also accepted, if its length is motivated by the goal of its presentation (this might be particularly useful for Ph.D. students). The paper must use the MFOI templates (MFOI2017_template_A5.doc, mfoi2017_template.tex, mfoi2017_template.pdf, mfoi2017.sty,

Please, start with a succinct statement of the problem, present your results, their significance and a comparison with previous works (if any), as well as a list of references. The submissions should also include: the title of proposed paper, author's names, affiliations, addresses, the name of an author to contact for a possible correspondence, the e-mail address of the contact author, and topics which best describe the paper (max. 5 keywords).

Submission details:

Please send your paper to with subject "MFOI Paper"